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Space enough to grow

The Seine and the sun by (Giordano.gobbo)



flood people with compliments. make eye contact. don’t be the first one to let go of a hug. push yourself to run faster and further. listen intentionally.

Do it without expecting anything in return. Give generously without selfish gain.


this is an important reminder that ur legs are cute

even the top of ur inner thigh where there are stretch marks, where ur thighs meet. cute

also the scars that might riddle ur lil leggies. theyre cute

and the backs of ur thighs that have cellulite or freckles or tan lines, its all cute


u are in possession of a very cute pair of legs


remember that girl you called fat?

she doesn’t care. at all. you don’t matter to her.

imagine that

Miles and Miles of Paradise by (Julius Lasin)
My mother doesn’t like tattoos. She says art belongs on a wall. Well I say no one, not even my mother gets to tell me I can’t be a masterpiece.
— Hannah Snowdon (via beautifult0me)

Tumblr Tuesday Of The Day: Of The Day
A Poster a DayTell a man your story in 500 characters or less, get a poster of that story. If you are boring and have no story, try and figure out what this llama head on slabs of butter could possibly represent. 
Aesthetic of the DayIf you thought you were the only person who ever felt man holding bag sideways, know that you are not alone.
Obscure EtymologyIf you’re sick of being regular smart and would like to be more smarter, this is the Word of the Day blog for you.
Kanji a DayThe symbol for gate looks like a gate. The letters g, a, t, and e look nothing like a gate. One of the very few differences between the Japanese and English languages. 
Cool BugsLiving nightmares of the day. 
Poster via a-poster-a-day